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2021-2022 Annual Substitute Report

Lexington City Schools System 

2021-2022 Annual Substitute Report

(Approved by the LCSS BOE on 8/17/2021 and effective SY 2021-2022)


Substitute teachers shall meet the following qualifications. 

  1. Must be 18 years of age

  2. Completion of an application

  3. Successful background check (fingerprinting required); DCS clearance and positive reference check

  4. Completion of two one-hour on-site orientation sessions

  5. Completion of an annual substitute workshop conducted by the Lexington City School System

  6. Completion of necessary documentation including:

  • Automatic deposit/voided check

  • Completed W4

  • Proof of education with a minimum of a high school diploma or GED

  • Copies of SSN and driver's license

  • Signed confidentially statement


2021-2022 Levels of Compensation for Substitute Teachers & Nurses


Compensation Levels for Substitute Teachers

High school degree or equivalent, associate’s degree, bachelor’s degree or graduate degree

$75.00 per day

Teaching Certificate recognized by the Tennessee Department of Education * #

$90.00 per day

11–39 consecutive days in the same certified teaching position:

$100.00 per day

40 + consecutive days in the same 

certified teaching position:

$120.00 per day

Compensation Levels for Substitute Nurses


$75.00 per day

Associate Degree RN

$85.00 per day



* Per Public Chapter 387 (effective 7/1/2017), the rate of compensation for retired teachers who retired between 7/1/2011 and 7/1/2016 whose teacher license has become inactive will be the same as retired teachers who have an active license.


# Certified substitutes taking teacher leaves where the teacher has no accumulated sick leave days will be paid certified teacher pay based on their years of experience and degree status.