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Data Quality

Elaine TownsendDirector of Data Quality  

Elaine Townsend                                             

There is a growing awareness that effective teaching, efficient schools, and quality data are linked. Good data is an integral part of teaching, learning, and managing the school system. Information entered into our student management system (Edupoint), student assessment records, and teacher documents must be accurate and reliable because this guides our school improvement efforts, informs us of educational strategies that work and areas of need, and determines federal and state funding that supports our programs.

In order to store and analyze educational data over time, longitudinal reports are developed. Discerning this data informs us of trends which also supports the decision-making of our system. Finally, coordinating the massive volume of collected data and providing professional development on how to understand and use effectively are our responsibilities. By making data-driven decisions, we will ultimately meet our goals of serving the needs of our students, improving student achievement, and providing effective and efficient schools.