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Academic Coaches

LCSS is fortunate to have three outstanding academic coaches to enhance teacher effectiveness. Providing the most effective teachers for our students is a priority. Academic coaches in reading/language arts, math, and technology support teachers by providing them with instructional and curriculum resources and training.  The academic coaches work with teachers referred by the principal, teacher initiated request, and grade or subject level teachers to enhance classroom instruction and increase student achievement. These specialists track data, collaborate with teachers, provide resources, and model instructional strategies. The academic coaches also work with Response to Intervention Tier II and Tier III teachers drilling down to a specific area of deficient and providing strategies and techniques for individual students. Our academic coaches are vital participants in our Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III classrooms.


Amanda Lessenberry,

ELA PreK-4

David Hearn,

ELA 5-8

Vicki Jones,

Math PreK-8

Amanda Lessenberry David Hearn Vicki Jones