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Written by Michael Crewse   
Wednesday, 09 September 2009
Classroom Technology Reminders

Due to the growing expenses of tech maintenance, electricity and projector bulbs, we must all do our part to preserve the life of our equipment.

Tech Issues

  • Please follow the proper procedure for submitting tech requests. This keeps all parties accountable and will afford you the quickest solution possible.
  • Submitt a tech request with any technology issue. Phone calls, voicemails, emails, personal contact and/or word of mouth are not considered as a tech procedure.


  • Turn computers OFF each night Tuesday-Friday. Do not leave computers on over the weekend. Computers will need to be left on Monday nights only to recieve needed updates and to scan for viruses.
  • Computer tables should be free from clutter. Since maintenance is performed on a regualr basis and proper ventilation is needed, these areas should be clear. Papers, passwords, pencil sharpeners, magnets, or other items should not be found on the CPU tower.
  • Personal items that require an outlet should be plugged into the wall directly. Do not use the UPS (Battery Backup)/Powerstrip located at the table.


  • Plug  your mic up for charging each day.
  • Over long breaks, leave mic unplugged. Batteries may leak or loose their charge.
  • If your batteries run down and will not recharge, submit a tech request. Rechargeable batteries have been purchased. Regular batterires will explode if placed in the mic and plugged in to charge.

Sound Shelf and Amplifier Box

  • Turn amplifier boxx off at the end of each day. Unit does not have to be on to charge microphone.
  • Keep sound shelfs free from all personal items. The box requires ventilation and should be free from any obstructions. The sound shelfs are rated for a specified weight limit.


  • Projectors should be turned off at the end of each day.
  • If the projector is not needed for a short period of time (ie between classes), press AV Mute/Mute/Blank on the remote to extend the bulb life. This does not turn the bulb off completely. If the projector will not be used for more than 30 minutes, (ie LUNCH) turn off the projector completely.

Servers Lexmid-fs1/Caywood-fs1

  • Files stored on the Public Drive should be placed in a named folder. Loose files are periodically deleted. Also, be aware that these files are accessible by anyone using our network.
  • Techers_on_... is available to teachers and not to students. All files should be placed in a named folder. Loose files will be periodically deleted.
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