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User Documentation
Activote Data Export PDF Print E-mail
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Written by Michael Crewse   
Wednesday, 03 March 2010


Activote Data Export

To save your data from an Activote session:
1.    Click the + Results Browser Untitled
    (Must be in the Voting Brower to see this…View…Browser…Clickthe Activote icon)
2.    Save in:  Teachers on “LexMid-fs1’ (x:) or Teachers on “Caywood-fs1’ (x:)
3.    Double Click folder: Activote Excel Data
4.    Choose Grade Level folder
5.    Save As:  Room #-Subject Heading-Period-Date
       For example:  104-Indirect Objects-P1-3-1-10

* Since each person in the building will be accessing these folders, it is a good idea to use these folders to document your required weekly Activote session.  You will want to save all others to a folder in your documents server.