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School Board Appreciation Week January 25-31, 2015

This is School Board Appreciation Week, and our system is blessed beyond measure to have a caring and responsive group of school board members who are engaged with and for our students and teachers.  Teachers needs are met in the classroom in order to meet the learning needs of our students.  Our board is concerned with how to ensure student learning is maximized, but they are equally concerned that our buildings are clean, safe, secure, and pleasant places to grow and learn.  I am so thankful to work for these individuals and with them. Last week, LMS said thank-you to the board with coffee and homemade cakes and pies and cookies from the faculty before the board meeting which were delicious and much enjoyed and appreciated! Today, CES is hosting a pot-luck lunch from our great CES faculty and staff cooks for the board members as a token of appreciation!  Look above and click "About LCSS" and then click on "Board of Education"...there you will see the picture of our board members. If you are a faculty or staff member, student, parent, or community member, thank Rob Helms, Jim Terry, Jack Hinson, Carl Cooley, David White, Chad Wood, and DeAnne Pace for always putting our girls and boys first! 

January Ends...Colds, Strep, Flu...Any Snow?

LMS was hit really hard last week with strep, flu, and the stomach bug.  At the end of the week, our little ones at CES began to show the same symptoms. Everyone says we need "a good snow" to kill the germs.  I am not sure if people want a good snow to kill the germs or if people just want a good snow!  Keep your eyes on the weather forecast for Sunday night.  Right now it looks like there's more that will happen on Sunday night, February 1st,  than just the Super Bowl.  It has to ice and snow quite a bit for school to close for us...we do not have buses on little country roads or icey bridges like the county systems around us do. I always do my snow patrol beginning at 4:00 am and several times afterwards along with others the Lexington Police Department and the Highway Patrol. IF school is going to be dismissed a call is made to Z-99, Channel 7 in Jackson, a notice is placed on our Facebook page, it's tweeted from @lexcitysupt, emails are sent to all of our staff AND the call is made to the homes of our students by 5:30 am. So no matter if New England or Seattle wins Sunday, keep your eye on the Weather Channel, too. 

Homecoming Week!

It's great to be in the Minutemen Family!  Homecoming is fun everyday and especially great when the homecoming court is recognized.  Both teams played very well, the cheer squad did some outstanding routines, and the band added so much to the spirit of the night.  The week of January 26th is a big game at home against USJ on Tuesday and a road trip to Savannah to the Best of the West tournament on Thursday.  We already know who the Best of the West is, don't we? Go Red!

Welcome 2015!

New Year...New Beginnings! Happy 2015 to faculty, students and parents.  We started the school year with much to do at a staff development day with our focus on writing and a glimpse of the new assessment in 2016.  Our teachers are always one step ahead of everyone else...they do their homework,  and they have been studying the TN Standards and what the new TN Ready Assessment might look light for their students next year. This week, we will begin our pilot After School Care program at CES for around 150 students who will stay anywhere from 4:00-5:30.  Our focus will be on getting homework done, practicing reading and math fluency, AR reading, testing and general literacy improvements, and physical activity. And before any of that happens, we have a snack! We have 17 adults and on our heaviest day 150 students staying with us.  This is a new venture for LCSS and it is supported fully by the Board of Education.  We'll be doing some checks with parents along the way to determine if this becomes a regular part of our after-school curriculum in 2015-16.