We Are The Minutemen!

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This is the 50th anniversary of what was once called the Round School, the New School,  Lexington City School, and finally Paul G. Caywood Elementary School. I have had many adults tell me they remember walking from the old Lexington City Schools building (now the Civic Center) with their books in hand and following their teachers to "move in" to the current elementary school on Monroe Ave. I can picture the lines of students walking with their arms loaded to their new school and classroom.  The pod structure of the building was futuristic for 1967, but there were many "round" schools being built all over the country at that time. It can be difficult to navigate UNLESS you are a student there.  It doesn't take long for the children to be able to go anywhere and get back to where they started from! So 50 years of teachers, students and parents have figured it out, and they continue to do so every year.

If you have not been in the PK-5 buidling in a few years, so much has changed. The color scheme is not longer gold, green, and orange in the lockers, walls, and carpet. The system began removing carpet before I arrived in 2011, and the only place were carpet exists is the Little Theatre. Plans are being made to remove that carpet and replace with new carpet for the acoustic value of it during musicals and plays. Those multi-colored lockers are now all grey thanks to Shane James, Wesley Greenway, and Justin Melton, and they look so good with our red, black and grey tiled floors. The foyer was remodeled 3 years ago, and it is a warm, happy, inviting area for our school families and visitors.  Several organizations use Caywood School as a training area, and they always remark on how well-maintained and clean the buidling is. Our maintenance staff and GCA custodial staff are proud of their work, and WE are proud of them. Mr. J.W. Kizer as lovingly cared for this building for quite some time and loves the school ALMOST as much as the loves the students and staff. Almost. 

In marking the 50th birthday of Caywood Elementary School, the Board of Education and the PTO at CES are giving it a new sign.  It will be on Hwy 22S by the football field.  It will feature digital signage, and it will proudly showcase the events of the school. It is due to be up and running by August 11.  Look for a dedication picture in The Lexington Progress in a new weeks, and look for it on your drive to and from CES.

This is how we celebrate the past while moving into the future.  LCSS must never forget who we are, and the history of where we have been. The city of Lexington must never forget the role a great school system plays in the total value of a city. We are the Minutemen.  We are the Lexington City School System...past, present, and future. 

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