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No More Sickness...No More Ice...Please!

We really wanted snow...enough for a snowman, one long weekend, and snowcream.  We got thick ice, roads so slick we couldn't move, and until last Friday, not enough snow for a smile. Who knew when schools closed on 2/12 and 2/13 for multiple illnesses, it would take 12 days before we would see each other again.  I guess that made coming back to school even sweeter on Monday! Of course, the little ones were quick to show how happy they were to see their teachers and their friends.  The middle school students were quicker to tell me how glad they were that we didn't have school, but I know they were glad to get back to their friends, their teachers and for some, even their lessons and some homework.  This week we have had 4-H speeches (check out LCSS's FaceBook page) with some awesome young people who can speak like seasoned adults; a return to volleyball practice and games; soccer practice, football practice, and baseball practice. Volleyball is still going strong at LMS, and the girls are great! (Let me warn you...if you don't have quick reflexes, watch where you sit!) The first baseball game is March 9th, and the soccer jamboree is March 7th. Go the LMS website for details.  We'll be announcing a new addition to Physicial Education at both schools during the last 9 weeks with coverage in the local newspaper and information coming home to selected grade levels.  Stay tuned.  So, as you see, it did not take us long to get back in the swing of things at LCSS.  I am glad to be back with my colleagues at the Central Office and have the opportunity to get my "kid fix" during the day or at after school care or at a volleyball game (as long as I can remember to duck!) 

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