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School Board Appreciation Week January 25-31, 2015

This is School Board Appreciation Week, and our system is blessed beyond measure to have a caring and responsive group of school board members who are engaged with and for our students and teachers.  Teachers needs are met in the classroom in order to meet the learning needs of our students.  Our board is concerned with how to ensure student learning is maximized, but they are equally concerned that our buildings are clean, safe, secure, and pleasant places to grow and learn.  I am so thankful to work for these individuals and with them. Last week, LMS said thank-you to the board with coffee and homemade cakes and pies and cookies from the faculty before the board meeting which were delicious and much enjoyed and appreciated! Today, CES is hosting a pot-luck lunch from our great CES faculty and staff cooks for the board members as a token of appreciation!  Look above and click "About LCSS" and then click on "Board of Education"...there you will see the picture of our board members. If you are a faculty or staff member, student, parent, or community member, thank Rob Helms, Jim Terry, Jack Hinson, Carl Cooley, David White, Chad Wood, and DeAnne Pace for always putting our girls and boys first! 

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