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Welcome 2015!

New Year...New Beginnings! Happy 2015 to faculty, students and parents.  We started the school year with much to do at a staff development day with our focus on writing and a glimpse of the new assessment in 2016.  Our teachers are always one step ahead of everyone else...they do their homework,  and they have been studying the TN Standards and what the new TN Ready Assessment might look light for their students next year. This week, we will begin our pilot After School Care program at CES for around 150 students who will stay anywhere from 4:00-5:30.  Our focus will be on getting homework done, practicing reading and math fluency, AR reading, testing and general literacy improvements, and physical activity. And before any of that happens, we have a snack! We have 17 adults and on our heaviest day 150 students staying with us.  This is a new venture for LCSS and it is supported fully by the Board of Education.  We'll be doing some checks with parents along the way to determine if this becomes a regular part of our after-school curriculum in 2015-16. 

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