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Magnus Health

We are pleased to announce that Lexington City School System will be using the Magnus Health Student Medical Record (SMR) system to collect the student health information for the School Nurse offices. These are more commonly called e-health records. The Magnus Health SMR is an easy-to-use, secure website for submitting health information online.

There are many benefits to this change including:

  • less paperwork for parents to complete each year
  • more accurate information
  • safer medication administrations
  • greater accessibility to both the parents and the appropriate employees at our school.
  • It also provides secure access to your student’s information in the event of an emergency.

Once completed, you will only have to return to your account at the first of each year to update any information or confirm there are no changes. Of course, you can log on to make changes or access your account throughout the school year.

Please contact the School Nurses for any questions, or you may visit

http://magnushealth.com/parents for more

To access your Magnus account, please go to: https://secure.magnushealthportal.com

Please contact Magnus Health customer support at Magnus Health SMR by phone (1- 877-461-6831) or email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for all login and technical issues.

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