Sherry Wood

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SherryWoodSherry serves the LCSS school system as the K-8 Reading, Instructional Technology, and STEM coach. She supports the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) curriculum by compiling links on the STEM website, maintaining science lab equipment, and collaborating with teachers on STEM related projects such as the Lexington City Science Fair. The spring science fair offers student teams expanded opportunities to present scientific research projects to the public.

To support online learning, she maintains the CAL Tech K-2, CAL Tech 3-5, STEM, and CAL Tech for Teachers websites to provide easy access to valuable educational links.  As a coach, she works closely with staff in many aspects of the curriculum such as test creation, pacing guides, and special units of study.  As part of her coaching role, she works creatively with teachers on curriculum, helping to locate curriculum resources, and providing a sounding board when needed.

She designed the “Every Question Counts” academic incentive program and has coordinated it the last three years. This collaborative effort between community businesses, teachers, and students encourages and rewards ongoing student academic progress.

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